Guideline for Bridge Safety Management

October 2018

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Part A – General

Part B – Qualifications and Designation of Responsible Persons

Part C – Capacity of Bridges

Part D - Bridge Inspection

Part E - Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Bridges

Part F – Documentation, Records, and Evaluation of the BSMP

Part G – Requirements of Section 11 – Railway Safety Act


The objective of this Guideline is to provide railway companies with a guide for the development of their Bridge Safety Management Program (BSMP) and to promote industry best practices with regards to bridge management.

This Guideline is not intended to replace existing procedures or practices in use by railway companies. It is not expected that every recommendation outlined in this Guideline be contained within a single document, or that information be duplicated if it is available through other railway programs or systems. However, the location of applicable information should be incorporated into the BSMP by reference.