Guideline for Bridge Safety Management

Part G – Requirements of Section 11 – Railway Safety Act

6.1 – Scope

Under section 11of the Railway Safety Act "(1) All work relating to railway works — including, but not limited to, design, construction, evaluation, maintenance and alteration — must be done in accordance with sound engineering principles."

"(2) All engineering work relating to railway works must be approved by a professional engineer."

6.2 – Engineering work related to Bridges

It is Transport Canada's interpretation that engineering work related to bridges includes but is not limited to:

  • Preparing bridge design and specifications;
  • Determining bridge load capacities;
  • Developing construction, repair and modification procedures;
  • Developing inspection and evaluation procedures;
  • Reviewing bridge inspection reportsFootnote 9 and conducting the higher level reviewFootnote 10;
  • Evaluating proposed maintenance deferrals; and
  • Verifying that construction, repair, and modification work is completed in accordance with design and specifications.

First Issued: February, 2011
Revision 1: February, 2012
Revision 2: October, 2018