Canadian Rail Operating Rules

Exclusive TOP

858. Exclusive Designation

When an Exclusive TOP is issued, it must be indicated in the appropriate section of the TOP .

859. Exclusivity

Before an Exclusive TOP is issued, the RTC must verify that no other TOP , Form Y or Form T is in effect within the limits to be covered by the TOP .

An Exclusive TOP must not be issued as a Follow-Up TOP .

860. After Issuing an Exclusive TOP

Within the limits of an Exclusive TOP , the RTC must;

  • (a) not issue another TOP ;

  • (b) not issue a Form T or Form Y;

  • (c) not issue a Rule 311, 567.1, 567.2, 618 or 618.1 authority to a movement.

861. Exclusive TOP - Two Track Units

When a second track unit is occupying the limits, both track unit operators must have a thorough understanding in writing as to the operation of each other.