Canadian Rail Operating Rules

Siding Control Territory (SCT) Rules

360. Application

Where specified by special instructions, the use of non-signalled sidings within CTC will be governed by the Siding Control Territory rules.

361. Supervision

Movements, protection of track work and operation of track units will, unless otherwise provided, be supervised by the RTC who will issue instructions as may be required.

362. Clear of Equipment

  • (a) Sidings will be considered as clear of equipment unless otherwise informed by the RTC .

  • (b) Before permitting a movement to enter a siding occupied by other equipment, the RTC must advise a member of the crew that other equipment occupies such siding.

363. Hand Operated Switches

Hand operated switches in sidings may be considered lined for the normal position unless advised otherwise by the RTC , GBO or special instruction.

364. Protection of Track Work and Operation of Track Units

A foreman must be in possession of a TOP for the protection of track work and operation of track units. Rule 41/841 is not applicable.