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Winter Driving Emergency Kit

Have a well-stocked emergency kit helps to handle any emergency.

1:37 Road 2019-10-04
Mrs. Claus and Santa are cleared to be in Canadian airspace!

For the first time in Transport Canada history, Mrs. Claus calls Minister Garneau to obtain permission to fly in Canadian airspace alongside Santa!

Mrs. Claus has been training all year to become a pilot to help address the pilot shortage issue across the globe.

1:54 General 2018-12-19
Minister Garneau – Let's Talk Minister Garneau invites you to have to have your say about transportation issues. 0:16 Transport 2018-09-05
Rail Safety Improvement Program This year, the Government of Canada is investing over $20 million to improve railway safety. 0:29 Rail 2018-08-02
Video message from Parliamentary Secretary McCrimmon on International Women's Day

Video message from Karen McCrimmon, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, on International Women's Day.

2:31 General 2018-03-08
Minister Garneau highlights the roles women play in Canada's transportation system

Minister Garneau highlights the roles women play in Canada's transportation system.

1:40 General 2018-03-08
Transport Canada explores drone technology for use in the Canadian Arctic

Transport Canada is exploring drone technology for surveillance in Northern Canada. Drone trials began in June 2017 and will go on until March 31, 2019.

0:37 Aviation 2018-01-09
Minister Garneau helps Prime Minister Trudeau track Santa

Minister Garneau helps Prime Minister Trudeau track Santa who is not answering his phone. Minister Garneau reminds you to drive distracted-free this holiday season.

1:27 General 2017-12-19
Port State Control – Safe and Sustainable from Port to Port

Since the mid-nineteen seventies, the world's port state regimes have worked together to ensure safety of life, protection of the marine environment, and decent living and working conditions for seafarers.

5:54 Marine 2017-07-10
Santa is fit to fly and ready for take-off

Minister Garneau meets with Santa and confirms that he has successfully renewed his pilot license and passed his annual medical examination.

1:04 General 2016-12-22
Winter Driving

Before hitting the road, make sure your view is clear and your car is clean.

1:28 Road 2016-11-22
Winter Tire Pressure

Check the air pressure in tires to reduce the risk of skidding out of control on wet or icy roads.

1:42 Road 2016-11-22
Transport Canada celebrates 80 years of leadership in transportation

Proud of our past. Building our tomorrow.

1:33 Transport 2016-10-27
May the 4th end laser strikes

In honour of Star Wars Day (May 4th), Transport Canada is calling out to all Canadians to put an end to laser strikes.

Download video: May the 4th end laser strikes (.mp4, 35.4 MB)

0:28 Aviation 2016-05-04
Transport Canada uncovers potential dangerous defect in Toyota RAV4

Transport Canada research engineers and investigators have uncovered a potentially dangerous defect in 2006 to 2012 Toyota RAV4 models.

0:26 Road 2016-02-18
Rail Grade Crossing New Grade Crossing Regulations. 1:34 Rail 2016-02-05
Minister Garneau speaks about his meeting with Provincial and Territorial Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety

Excerpt from the speech of the Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, during the January 28, 2016 news conference following the Council of Ministers.

0:28 Road 2016-01-28
Drone Wars

In a time of new discoveries, the skies are filled with drones. One department will step up and try to restore understanding across the galaxy.

0:35 Aviation 2015-12-18
Minister of Transport congratulates Bombardier on the certification of its C Series aircraft

Excerpt from the speech of the Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, during the December 18th 2015 news conference at the Bombardier Mirabel Facility.

0:27 Aviation 2015-12-18