Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP)

There are laws that make sure you can get Government of Canada information, while protecting people’s personal information.

Personal information

The Privacy Act:

  • protects personal information that could identify you
  • gives you the right to get copies of your personal information

Access to information

The Access to Information Act:

  • makes sure you can get information the Government of Canada controls
    • within a reasonable time
    • while protecting the privacy of others
    • while preventing harm by means listed in the Act

You can submit your request for information online using the centralized ATIP Request Service.

You can find Transport Canada’s completed access to information requests in a centralized repository.

To get information held by other governments, visit the provincial, territorial, or municipal government’s website.

Government departments must publish information about the kinds of information they keep:

Transport Canada publishes summaries of the kind of information it keeps in: Info Source

Transport Canada annual reports on the administration of the Acts

If you want a copy of an annual report that was published over two years ago and is not included here, please contact us.

Contact us

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Telephone: 613-993-6161
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Code of communications

Transport Canada is committed to communicating with you in a respectful, professional and civil manner. Similarly, we expect the same courtesy from you.

While understanding that the circumstances or issues you are communicating may be stressful, we will not accept abusive behaviour and communications towards staff, and we are required by law to protect our employees from it. Such behaviour includes threats, vexatious or harassing comments or conduct, sexual harassment, intimidation, yelling or screaming, and obscene, racist and discriminatory statements.

Repeated behaviour of this kind may result in our communicating with you only in writing or otherwise restricting future interactions with you.