Emergency response assistance plans (ERAPs)

Apply for approval of an ERAP

To get an approval, you must apply to Transport Canada. We review your application to ensure the plan can be implemented and will be effective in responding to a release or anticipated release of dangerous goods.

You are required to apply for approval when you need:

Before you start

Keep in Mind

If you already have an approved ERAP, make sure to submit your application in EOS at least 30 days before it expires. This will ensure there is enough time before your plan expires for us to review your application and for you to make changes, if needed.

If your ERAP expires, even while we review your application or ask for changes, it is no longer valid and your ERAP reference number cannot be used on a shipping document. You will have to wait for a new approval before the dangerous goods in your ERAP are shipped.

The ERAP application is an online form based on section 7.3 of the TDG Regulations, organized in 12 sections. You need to complete all sections before you can submit your application. Before you begin, be sure you have:

  • your potential incident analysis (PIA)
  • a copy of your plan
  • any signed agreements for third party response
  • relevant supporting documents

Learn how to get help preparing your application

How to apply

Apply online

You must apply for approval of an ERAP using ERAP Online Services (EOS). We no longer accept PDF forms. You cannot make changes to an ERAP by email or telephone.

To apply online, choose one of the following secure sign-in options:

  • your online banking login (sign-in partner), or
  • a Government of Canada login (GCKey)

Learn more about Sign-In Partner and GCKey

Once you are connected, you can:

  • add your company or join existing companies
  • add or edit contacts and delegated ERAP writers
  • create, view or edit an ERAP application
  • view the status of your application or approval
  • retrieve your approval document

Consult the Guide to apply for approval of an ERAP for help when applying.

Apply online

Other ways to apply

If you can't apply online, contact us:

Tel: 613-302-3581
TTY: 1-888-675-6863

A remedial measures specialist (RMS) will offer you assistance, or complete the application on your behalf. Applications we complete for you will have a longer processing time.

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