Emergency response assistance plans (ERAPs)

After you apply

Reviewing your application

After you submit your ERAP application using ERAP online services (EOS), we will confirm by email that your application has been sent to us.

Using the following process, we will then review your application:

  1. A remedial measures specialist (RMS) is assigned your ERAP application.
  2. The RMS reviews your application and makes a recommendation to the Chief, Response Operations (CRO). If your application is incomplete or inaccurate, we return it to you so you can make changes and resubmit.
  3. Based on the RMS's recommendation, the CRO makes a decision about your application.

Check your application status

Any time during this process, you may log in to EOS to check your application status on your ERAP dashboard.

Log in to EOS

Processing ERAP applications

Your application processing time:

  • starts once we have received your application and all supporting documents
  • only applies if the application is properly completed
  • restarts every time you resubmit

Keep in Mind

If your ERAP expires, even while we review your application or ask for changes, it is no longer valid and your ERAP reference number cannot be used on a shipping document. You will have to wait for a new approval before shipping those dangerous goods that need an ERAP.

Service standards

  • Using EOS: 20 business days
  • If a member of the TDG Response Operations group completes the application on your behalf: 60 business days

Types of decisions

After your ERAP is reviewed, you will receive one of the following decisions:

  • Approved
  • Interim approved, if we need to investigate further to ensure the plan can be implemented effectively
  • Refused
  • Revoked
  • Request for changes

The primary and secondary ERAP contacts listed in your application will receive an email with this decision.

In some cases, we may extend an approval period or grant a temporary approval. For more information on types of decisions, see the Guide to apply for approval of an ERAP.

Approved ERAPs

If your ERAP application is approved, you will receive an approval document with:

We will send the approval document by email to the ERAP contacts listed on your application. It will also be available on your ERAP dashboard in EOS.

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