Applying to the Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program Call for Proposals - About ERSTPP and funding

2021 to 2022

Application deadline extended

Applications must be received by May 17, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. (PST) in order to receive funding.


We have developed this Applicant's Guide to tell applicants about the evaluation and approval process of the ERSTPP. This includes the nature and type of information needed to ensure a thorough and accurate evaluation of your project, and the project's merit as it relates to the program's objectives.

To be considered for ERSTPP funding, you have to satisfactorily show us that the proposed project meets the eligibility requirements of the program.

In this project proposal and evaluation phase, we will evaluate the strength and merit of your proposal, to prioritize and allocate federal funding under this program to activities that demonstrate strong support of the ERSTPP's objectives. It is important to note that only the information that you give us in the application/proposal will be used to evaluate the projects.

About ERSTPP – 2021 to 2022 call for proposals

Program description

The Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program (ERSTPP) funds projects to help create nationally consistent tools that address road safety challenges.

The program directly supports Canada's national road safety priorities. It gives new opportunities to invest in Canadian projects to promote the innovative design, testing, and integration of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) and other safety enhancing technologies. The results of these projects will then be used to develop national regulations and non-regulatory tools (which includes policies, best practices, guidelines, frameworks, etc.).

The program also gives funding to organizations that:

  • Promote road safety awareness;
  • Increase knowledge of road safety issues, practices, and behaviours in Canada;
  • Support regulatory compliance.

Program objectives

The objectives of the ERSTPP are:

  1. To promote and create nationally-consistent tools to address road safety challenges. Examples include:
    • Frameworks;
    • Standards;
    • Policies;
    • Programs;
    • Outreach activities to reduce collisions, injuries, and fatalities on the road.
  2. To encourage the safe and effective use of innovative technologies, encouraging harmonization, and economic growth.

The following reflect the immediate outcomes of the ERSTPP, which will serve as principles in the evaluation and selection of projects:

  1. Increased communications and cooperation with the provinces and territories to develop, maintain, and improve the enforcement of the safety fitness framework and the National Safety Code standards for extra-provincial motor carriers (i.e., trucks and buses);
  2. Enhanced development, maintenance, and enforcement of safe road practice initiatives;
  3. Increased overall contribution to the national collection and public dissemination of timely and quality road safety data; and
  4. Enhanced shared knowledge of emerging road safety technologies.

Available funding

The total amount of funding available for the 2021 - 2022 call for proposals is $12 million.

Maximum amount payable

The amount of funding provided under the ERSTPP will take into consideration other sources of funding available to recipients (including funding from other Canadian government entities), and will be subject to eligible costs and maximum amounts payable for the program.

You must show us that you have sufficient up-front funding to carry out the proposed project. You have to confirm partner organizations' financial support in writing, and attach the confirmation to the proposal. The program doesn't make advance payments.

Our maximum contribution will be up to 75 per cent of the total eligible costs for a project.

Stacking limits

The stacking limit establishes a maximum level of total Canadian government funding that is allowed for any activity, project, or initiative of a recipient.

The maximum level of total Canadian government funding under the ERSTPP (i.e., federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal) for any one eligible activity, initiative, or project can't be more than 100 per cent of the total eligible costs.

You must identify and report any and all sources of funding before the funding agreement is signed, and must resubmit this information, including any updates, before the end of the funding agreement.

If you exceed the total Canadian government funding stacking limit, we will seek reimbursement or will adjust the level of funding.