Applying to the Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program (ERSTPP) – 2023 to 2026 Call for Proposals

Submitting your project proposal

The Enhanced Road Safety Transfer Payment Program (ERSTPP) call for proposals is now closed.

How to apply

  1. Follow the Project Proposal Template when drafting your proposal
  2. Submit your proposal by email or mail:
    • by email, an electronic application package must be in MS Word, MS Excel, or PDF format and ensure the file size of your submission doesn't exceed 10 MbFootnote 1. Please send all relevant documents to:


    • by mail, either enclose a signed hard copy or a digital copy saved on a USB key to the following address:

      ATTN: Director, Transportation and Infrastructure Programs (AHSE)
      C/o Program Officer
      Transport Canada
      Place de Ville, Tower C, 19th Floor
      330 Sparks St.
      Ottawa ON K1A 0N5

What you need to know

You can submit your proposal in English or French.

All applications and project proposals must be clear, complete, accurate, signed, and submitted using the templates provided. All applicants other than individuals must provide legal documentation confirming their organization is a legal entity (e.g., using letters patent, certificates of incorporation, or other legal documents).

If the information in your application is incomplete, your proposal will be rejected.

What happens next

Webinars concerning the application process will be held during the intake period.

Transport Canada officials are available throughout the call for proposals process to discuss potential projects and applications. Please contact the ERSTPP mailbox if you would like guidance on the potential alignment of your project(s) with the objectives and requirements of the call for proposals, or any specific issues or questions about the application requirements and processes.

Transport Canada will also confirm receipt of all proposals within ten (10) business days after the application deadline.

Help and contact information

Enquiries sent by email will be answered by February 8, 2024 at 3:00 pm EST.


Accessibility and disability help

If you have questions or need an accommodation, please email us before February 8, 2024 at 3:00 pm EST.


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