Apply for a transportation security clearance

The application process

This is how we’ll process your application for a security clearance:

Step 1

Complete a security clearance application and submit it online.

Save your progress to avoid losing your data, especially when you get to the summary section!

Step 2

Take your printed application, all supporting documents (only originals or certified true copies will be accepted) and all out-of-country documents (if applicable) to your Enrolment Site or Pass Control Office. They will send all of the information through secure channels to Transport Canada. They don’t keep or use this information for any other reason.

Step 3

Transport Canada works with the RCMP, CSIS, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to do:

  • a criminal record check
  • a check of law enforcement agency files (this includes intelligence gathered for law enforcement)
  • a CSIS indices check, and a CSIS security assessment (if needed)
  • a check on your immigration and citizenship status (if applicable)

Step 4

Transport Canada grants security clearances based on the information you include in your application, your documentation and the information we find through background checks.

Once our evaluation is completed and there are no concerns, Transport Canada will grant the security clearance and will notify the appropriate Pass Control Office or Enrolment Site.