Recreational aircraft airworthiness

Transport Canada establishes airworthiness requirements and standards for recreational aircraft including certified and non-certified aircraft, and amateur-built aircraft.

Some of the airworthiness services include: construction and maintenance of amateur-built aircraft; maintenance requirements for small certified aircraft; flight authorities and maintenance schedules; importation and operation of non-type certified and ex-military aircraft; owner maintenance; IFR flight for amateur-built aircraft; aerobatics by amateur-built aircraft; external delegation of ministerial authority with respect to amateur-built aircraft inspection; and validation of foreign flight authorities.

General Information

Special Flight Authorization (FAA) / Standardized Validation (TC)


The purpose of this exemption is to permit persons who apply for a special certificate of airworthiness in the amateur-built classification:

  • to contract for professional assistance in the construction or assembly of parts of the aircraft, provided the work is subject to the builder's overall control;
  • to import, register and operate in Canada foreign-built amateur-aircraft, subject to a Transport Canada inspection of the aircraft; and
  • to not have to comply with the maximum permissible take-off mass (weight) and the maximum number of passenger seats requirements.

Owner Maintenance Classification