Co-register an aircraft

Fee: $110

If you become a co-owner of a new or previously registered aircraft, you and the other owner(s) must register it.

What you need to know

Each owner of an aircraft shares legal responsibility for all aspects of its registration and operation.

Each owner:

  • must ensure the aircraft is certified and maintained according to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)
  • must ensure fees are paid
  • may be subject to legal action if the aircraft causes damage
  • may be held responsible if the aircraft’s operation violates the CARs

What you need to do

Before applying to co-register an aircraft, you and the other owner(s) must do the following.

If it is a new aircraft that was manufactured in Canada:

  • Contact the a Transport Canada Civil Aviation regional office to ensure your aircraft meets airworthiness requirements
  • Apply to Civil Aviation for registration marks for your aircraft
    • There is no fee, except if you wish to reserve a mark ($45) or reserve a special mark ($140)

If it is an aircraft that was previously registered:

  • Get the certificate of registration from the previous owner

How to apply

The aircraft registration process is the same as for one owner applying for registration, although each owner must apply.

List all owners on section B of the form (include an extra sheet of paper if there are more than two owners). The owner listed first will receive all mail and other communications from Transport Canada.

  1. Complete the relevant application form:
  2. Attach the following documents:
    • proof of ownership (for example, a bill of sale)
    • a photo of the aircraft’s ID plate, showing:
      • name of manufacturer
      • model
      • serial number
      • type certificate number (if applicable)
  3. Enclose the aircraft registration fee of $110 (payable to the Receiver General for Canada) or pay using our Online Payment System
  4. Mail your application package to the Civil Aviation office in your region

When to notify us of a change

After you co-register, each owner has responsibility for notifying us of the following changes, within these time frames:

  • a change of address (of the mail recipient), within 7 days
  • a change of mail recipient, within 7 days
  • a change of owners, within 7 days:
    • In this case, we will cancel your certificate of registration, and the aircraft can’t be flown until you have interim or permanent registration
    • For more information on interim registration, read Transfer ownership of aircraft
  • the aircraft being destroyed or permanently withdrawn from use or exported, within 7 days
  • the aircraft going missing, within 7 days

Send your notification in writing to a Transport Canada Civil Aviation regional office.