Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council (CARAC)

The Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council (CARAC) is a group focused on creating and updating the Canadian Aviation Regulations and standards. The group is a joint effort between Transport Canada and Canada’s aviation industry.

The group serves 3 main functions, it:

  • consults the public and stakeholders on matters related to the Canadian Aviation Regulations and standards
  • hosts an annual plenary
  • keeps the public and stakeholders informed on regulatory developments

CARAC’s Management Charter and Manual of Procedures were last updated in 2016. These documents are currently being updated by the Regulatory Affairs team. Until the new versions are finished, please refer to the Cabinet Directive on Regulation or email us your questions:

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Become a CARAC member

Participate in consultations to update the Canadian Aviation Regulations and standards. Transport Canada starts the regulatory process with consultations, opened to CARAC members and the public, on changes to existing regulations and standards or on the creation of new ones. You can be notified of all upcoming consultations by becoming a CARAC member. Notices are regularly sent to CARAC members to keep them updated on how Transport Canada is supporting the aviation industry, and to notify them of important information including the issuance of Interim orders, the coming into effect of new and amended regulations and standards, and on the issuance of regulatory exemptions.

To become a CARAC member subscribe to our mailing list via the subscription form.

Civil aviation initiatives

Civil Aviation initiatives provide information on planned regulatory initiatives related to civil aviation that Transport Canada expects to bring forward over a two-year period, which are included in the Forward Regulatory Plan. It also lists public consultations that might interest you and departmental contact information for each planned initiative. To access the current list of planned initiatives you can click on the link below.

Civil Aviation initiatives planned for April 2022 – April 2024

For information on how civil aviation initiatives are identified and prioritized, please download the infographic below.

Current list of planned initiatives

How are civil aviation initiatives identified and prioritized?

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Text description

How are civil aviation initiatives identified and prioritized?

The main drivers are

  • Government of Canada and Ministerial priorities
    • Speech from the throne, Budget, Mandate letters, etc.
  • Transportation Safety Board recommendations
  • International Standards and Recommended Practices
    • ICAO, FAA, EASA and other countries
  • Stakeholder feedback
    • Let’s talk, CARAC Plenary, engagement activities
    • Regulatory exemption/authorizations requests
  • Internal Reviews
  • Standing Joint Committee on the Scrutiny of Regulations (SJCSR)

The main considerations are

  • Risk assessment (safety)
  • Public Interest
  • Cost and benefit considerations
  • Stakeholders consultations
  • International impacts (alignment)
  • International obligations

The main drivers allow for the review/analysis of the CARs and Standards and the main considerations allow for issue identification and prioritization, which lead to updating the Forward Regulatory Plan, which:

  • Provides information on planned and potential regulatory initiatives that Transport Canada expects to bring forward over a two-year period.
  • Provides a description of the initiative, identifies public consultation opportunities and provides a departmental contact point for each initiative.
  • Is adjusted and updated over time as Transport Canada's and the aeronautic’s industry operating environment changes.

Each individual initiative follows the policy and regulatory development process



Consultations and events

CARAC helps Transport Canada’s regulatory and technical experts consult with the public and civil aviation stakeholders on policy and regulatory initiatives related to the Canadian Aviation Regulations and standards. You can participate in the development of the regulations and standards that interest you by submitting your comments on Notices of Proposed Amendments (NPA) to the CARAC at

You can consult the list of ongoing consultations, or search for previous consultations, in the links below.

For more information on consultations within the policy and regulatory cycle, please download the infographic below.

Policy and regulatory cycle

Consultations within the policy and regulatory cycle

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Consultations within the policy and regulatory cycle consist of:

Issue identification and prioritization
Provide feedback on existing (or missing) Regulations and Standards

Policy development
Help shape the policy that will support regulatory development

Regulatory development
Help shape how the policy is translated into concrete requirements

Canada Gazette, Part I (pre-publication)*
Provide feedback on the near-final regulatory proposal

Canada Gazette, Part II (publication)*
Regulations come into force

Implementation of regulations and standards
Industry implementation, inspection programs, guidance material

Reviews of the regulations and standards
Provide feedback on existing (or missing) Regulations and Standards

Consultation activities consist of:

  • Targeted Consultations and Discussions
  • Information and Q&A Sessions
  • Policy Paper / Preliminary Issue and Consultation   Assessment
  • Notice of Proposed Amendment, Task Teams
  • RIAS and Proposed Legal Text
  • On-going Feedback




The CARAC also organises and hosts a yearly plenary where Transport Canada’s Civil Aviation Branch and the civil aviation industry meet to discuss priorities, and policy and regulatory initiatives.

November 21 to 22, 2023
20th CARAC Plenary

Both days from Noon – 3:00

Please register using this link:

Please note that due to platform limitations, the registration to this event is limited to 500 participants per day. Should the limit be reached, you will be added automatically to a waiting list.

Industry events

May 9 and 10, 2023
ATAC Spring Event and Aviation Day-on-the-Hill Reception
Ottawa, ON
Event information
November 14 to 16, 2023
Canadian Aviation Conference & Tradeshow
Montreal, QC
Event information

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