Airworthiness Manual Chapter 522 Subchapter A - General - Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)

Content last revised: 2012/06/01


  • A (522.1-522.3)
  • B (522.21-522.255)
  • C (522.301-522.597)
  • D (522.601-522.885)
  • E (522.901-522.1193)
  • F (522.1301-522.1449)
  • G (522.1501-523.1589)
  • H (522.1801-523.1857)
  • J (522.1901-523.1947)


F, G, I, J, K


522.01 Reserved
(effective 2017/02/02)

Subchapter A - General

522.1 Applicability
(modified 2007/12/30)

  • a) This Chapter sets out airworthiness standards for the issue of type certificates, and changes to those certificates, for gliders and powered gliders in the utility U and aerobatic A categories:
    (amended 2007/07/16)

    • (1) Gliders the maximum weight of which does not exceed 750 kg;

    • (2) Single engined (sparkor compression ignition) powered gliders the design value W/b2 (weight to span2) of which is not greater than 3(W [kg], b[m]) and the maximum weight of which does not exceed 850 kg; and

    • (3) Gliders and powered gliders the number of occupants of which does not exceed two.

  • b) Reserved.
    (amended 2009/12/01)

  • c) Those requirements in this Chapter 522 which apply only to powered gliders are marginally annotated with the letter P. Requirements not so marked apply both to gliders and to powered gliders with engines stopped and engine or propeller retracted where appropriate. In these requirements the word “glider” means both “glider” and “powered glider”.

  • d) Unless specifically stated otherwise, the term “powered glider” includes those powered gliders which may be incapable of complying with 522.51 and/or 522.65(a) and which must consequently be prohibited from taking off solely by means of their own power by a limitation in the Flight Manual. These are referred to in the text as “Self Sustaining Powered Gliders”. For Self Sustaining Powered Gliders, the additional requirements in Appendix I are applicable.
    (amended 2009/12/01)

(M. à j. 522-1 (87-08-31))
(M. à j. 522-2 (93-06-30))
(M. à j. 522-3 (94-04-30))

522.3 Glider Categories

  • a) The Utility Category is limited to gliders intended for normal soaring flight. The following aerobatic manoeuvres may be permitted if demonstrated during type certification

    • (1) Spins;

    • (2) Lazy eights, chandelles, stall turns and steep turns;

    • (3) Positive loops.

  • b) Gliders intended for aerobatic manoeuvres additional to those permitted in the Utility Category must be certificated in the Aerobatic Category. The permitted aerobatic manoeuvres must be established during type certification.

  • c) Gliders may be certified in more than one category if the requirements of each requested category are met.

  • d) Powered gliders may be used for aerotowing gliders if they comply with Appendix K.
    (amended 2007/07/16)