Transportation in Canada 2020 - Overview Report

Performance of the Canadian Transportation System

Image - container trucks


  • In 2020, many events, such as rail blockades, a pandemic and a labour dispute at one of Canada’s major ports, contributed to a challenging year for the transportation system. Despite these events, freight volumes remained relatively strong, recovering most of the beginning of year’s loss.
  • In response to the travel restrictions imposed nationally and internationally to control the spread of the COVID-19, the passenger sector did not recover significantly, with passenger counts remaining well below 2019 levels for the air sector
  • Canada continues to showcase one of the most safe and secure transportation systems in the world. The number of accidents remained lower or close to the ten-year average for all modes
  • Advancements in fuel efficiency for all modes transportations are showing promising results, despite an overall increase in greenhouse gas emissions of 4% from 2008-2017. This increase is largely attributed to a large increase in motor vehicles on the road