Applying for a Pleasure Craft Licence

You have two options to choose from when submitting a request for a Pleasure Craft Licence – Electronically or by Post.

You have decided to submit a request through the Pleasure Craft Electronic Licensing System (PCELS):

Click on the above-noted link which will bring you to the website.

You will be asked whether you are a Pleasure Craft Owner, or a Boat Dealer.

If you are the Pleasure Craft Owner, select the "I am a Pleasure Craft Owner" radio button

If you are a Boat Dealer, select the "I am a Boat Dealer" radio button (please see the "Dealer's Guide to Pleasure Craft Licensing" for further information.

After you have made your selection, a drop down list indicating the application types will be displayed – select the appropriate application type.

  • request a new pleasure craft licence;
  • transfer a pleasure craft licence;
  • update information on your pleasure craft licence;
  • get a duplicate of your pleasure craft licence; and
  • renew your pleasure craft licence

You must click on the "I have read the privacy statement" checkbox in order to continue.

On the following page, the definition of your selection will be displayed as well as two lists: "Information Required" and "Supporting Documentation" required.

Input the required information into each screen. Depending on the application type, you will need to provide

  • Owner information (Owner/Address Information)
  • Information on the pleasure craft (Vessel Information)
  • Previous owner information (when transferring a pleasure craft licence)

Please ensure you have the proper supporting documents required in order to upload with your submission.

For NEW HOME-BUILT boats, in addition to the above, you must also provide the following:

  • A declaration under oath that states who built the boat. You may use the sample declaration or another similar document, as long as it contains all the required information.

If you are a boat dealer, in addition to the above noted documents, you must also upload the Third-Party Authorization Letter which provides proof that you are authorized to submit a request on behalf of a client.

You will be asked to review the information you have entered. You can use the Navigation buttons to return to any section requiring an update.

  • Indicate your preferred delivery method

Accept the disclaimer.

Print a copy of the page for your records. If you are unable to print the page, please save a pdf copy for future reference.

If submitting an application for a new, a transfer or a renewal of your pleasure craft licence, a confirmation page with your acknowledgment number will be displayed. You are asked to print a copy of the Confirmation page for your records.  If you are unable to print the page, please save a pdf copy for future reference.

The acknowledgment number, (identical to the pleasure craft licence number that will be issued) is valid for 90 days from the initial issue date and is to be marked on either side of the boat, in order to use the pleasure craft immediately.

If any supporting documentation is found to be missing, an e-mail will be sent on the 45th and 75th days after the initial request for a pleasure craft licence was submitted, notifying the applicant of the missing documentation and providing an URL whereby the document can be uploaded in order to validate the pleasure craft licensing request.

If the requested document is not received within 90 days, the application for a pleasure craft licence is automatically rejected and the acknowledgment number is cancelled.

THE ISSUED ACKNOWLEDGMENT NUMBER CANNOT BE REINSTATED once the initial application has been rejected and the applicant will have to resubmit their pleasure craft licence request as well as provide all the supporting documentation.

Upon resubmission, a new acknowledgment number will be issued. The marking of the pleasure craft with the new number will be the owner's responsibility.

Please allow five (5) business days for the processing of your application for a pleasure craft licence. Your permanent pleasure craft licence will be returned to you by the delivery method you have indicated (e-mail or post).

By post:

Download the application form:

You can download, complete and print the PDF Application for Pleasure Craft Licence online. You cannot save the form to your computer, so you must complete and print it in one session.

Please Note:

  • Part D of the application contains some fields (i.e. hull material, hull type, primary hull colour, and secondary hull colour) with drop down menus. Please be sure to select the correct option from the drop down menu to complete these fields.
  • Remember that this information will help search and rescue personnel, should you ever need their services. Use the "Craft Remarks" box to provide any extra information that could be useful in an emergency.

NOTE:  Paper copies of the "Application for a Pleasure Craft Licence" are no longer available.

Completing the form:

You can use the application form to:

  • request a new pleasure craft licence;
  • transfer a pleasure craft licence;
  • update information on your pleasure craft licence;
  • get a duplicate of your pleasure craft licence;
  • renew your pleasure craft licence; and
  • cancel a pleasure craft licence.

Specific instructions for each type are on the application form.

Please allow five (5) business days plus delivery time to process your application.

To avoid delays, please read all of the instructions before completing and submitting the form. We will return your application package if the form is incomplete or if supporting documents are missing.

Do not send original copies of your supporting documentation. Photocopies are preferred and acceptable. We will not keep any copies of the supporting documents – for security reasons, all copies will be destroyed.

Submit your application and supporting documents to:

Pleasure Craft Licensing Centre
P.O. Box 2006
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 5G4