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Additional information about pleasure crafts.


Transport Canada doesn’t collect sales tax when you buy a pleasure craft. Depending on what province or territory you live in, you may have to pay GST, HST and/or PST.

For more information you can contact CRA for GST inquiries or your province/territory for HST and/or PST inquiries.

Mortgage liens

All provinces have personal property registries where citizens can search for financial and security information on personal property like cars, boats, and tractors.

These personal property registries provide registration and search services to support both the legal requirements of the Provincial Personal Property Security Act and the enforcement of money judgments and other civil enforcement proceedings.

You can find your provincial/territorial site by searching the name of your province and "personal property registry." You can also visit your local provincial service centre for more information.

Pleasure craft purchased outside of Canada

If your pleasure craft is coming from another country and will be used mostly in Canada, you will need a new Canadian pleasure craft licence or registration.

A pleasure craft can’t be licensed in both Canada and another country. It can have only one set of identifying numbers (marking). You need to remove any old markings before marking the pleasure craft with the new Canadian licence number. Displaying both numbers can result in a fine.

You will also need to pay duty and taxes to the Canada Border Service Agency. You don’t need to provide customs clearance documents to licence the pleasure craft in Canada.

Regulations that govern pleasure craft licencing

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