Applying to make a declaration to import non-compliant vehicles temporarily for special purposes

How to submit

A declaration must meet the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act and its regulations.

What you need

  1. a printer and scanner
  2. to create a user profile online

Submit a declaration

Go to the Temporary Vehicle Importation System (TVIS),

  1. login (you will be emailed a password when you first register)
  2. select “Add a new request”
  3. print the declaration, sign, scan and save it
  4. upload the declaration
  5. logout

Submit your declaration

After you submit your declaration

Please allow up to 7 business days for processing.

If approved, a declaration bearing an approval stamp will be emailed to you. Otherwise, an explanation will be sent.

Reasons for rejecting a declaration

Your declaration may be rejected if:

  • your request is incomplete, either not signed or not uploaded
  • the vehicle is not the main subject of an exhibition or demonstration (example: the event is for advertisement or promotion of goods unrelated to vehicle)
  • the time period you have requested is excessive and not supported with satisfactory justification
  • you will be dismantling the vehicle for parts that will remain in Canada
  • you plan to sell, gift or keep the vehicle in Canada
  • you are importing the vehicle for a purpose that is not allowed or not related (consult paragraph 7(1)(a) of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act and section 11.1 of the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations)