Applying to make a declaration to import non-compliant vehicles temporarily for special purposes

Vehicles that are eligible

A declaration allows for the temporary importation of non-Canadian compliant/certified vehicles for one year or another period specified by the Minister of Transport. Canadian Importers (individuals or companies) may bring vehicles to Canada for the prescribed special purposes:

  • exhibition – at events that display vehicles of various manufacturers or producers (such as auto shows)
  • demonstration – to display vehicle models or types to potential clients, or in events promoting vehicles (for example, prototypes and pre-production models)
  • evaluation or testing – for compliance testing or to test how vehicles perform in specific environments or conditions (such as cold-weather testing)
  • further manufacturing processes – to complete new vehicles before they are exported
  • works or operations requiring specially designed vehicles – to use in entertainment industry productions, civil engineering projects, or similar works and operations
  • armoured vehicles – only for use by law enforcement agencies; and
  • vehicles licensed in the U.S.A. and owned by Canadians – the Canadian owner must have a residential address in Canada and hold a Canadian driver's licence.

Transport Canada must approve your declaration to temporarily import a non-compliant vehicle for special purposes before the vehicle arrives at the Canadian border.

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