Applying to make a declaration to import non-compliant vehicles temporarily for special purposes

Other importing and licensing requirements

Vehicles imported by authority of a Declaration may still be subject to the payment of duties and taxes and other federal and provincial requirements.

Customs and border services

Vehicles imported temporarily into Canada may be subject to the payment of duties and taxes and other customs requirements. For information, please contact the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Some countries, including the United States, may have requirements for exporting a vehicle. Contact the customs authorities of the exporting country.

All vehicles being brought into Canada must be clean and free of soil and other organic material (such as plants). Soil is at high risk for carrying pests that can cause serious or even permanent damage to our natural environment.

Customs officers will refuse entry to vehicles contaminated with soil, under the authority of the:

Environmental regulations

Federal laws require that a self-propelled vehicle (one that runs under its own power) meet requirements in the:

If your vehicle doesn't meet the requirements, you must also file a signed declaration with the Minister of Environment and Climate Change before you import. To learn more, contact:

Environment and Climate Change Canada
Regulatory Administration Section

Telephone: 1-844-454-9017

Registration and road use

If the vehicle will be driven on public roads, contact the relevant provincial or territorial government for information on registration and road use regulations.

Transport Canada works with provincial/territorial governments to enforce penalties for delinquent declarations. Penalties can affect your vehicle registration.