Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC)

What is a CIC?

A CIC is a series of focused inspections that target specific areas of safety concern on Canadian vessels. A CIC addresses certain areas where high levels of deficiencies have been encountered by inspectors, or where new regulatory or convention requirements have recently come into effect.

CIC’s are part of Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security’s (TCMSS) vessel inspection services that promote a safe, sustainable and environmentally responsible Marine community.

When do CICs take place?

TCMSS plans to conduct a CIC every two years. CICs can occur at any point during the year. If a vessel is selected for a CIC, its owner will be contacted prior to the inspection to schedule a time for the inspection to take place. This is so that the inspection causes the least amount of disruption to vessel operations. 

How is a CIC different from periodic inspections? 

A CIC is different from standard TCMSS inspections (which focus on all vessel elements and are conducted regularly). CICs are done within a short time frame and address specific areas of safety. Both kinds of inspections provide assurance that Canadian vessels comply with the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 (CSA, 2001).

What is the effect of a CIC?

If a problem is found during an inspection, there could be a fine or other penalty. See the CSA, 2001 for more information.

Are there any fees with the conduct of a CIC?

No. As this is a TCMSS initiative and not a periodic inspection, there is no charge.

Fast Facts

  • A CIC relates to safety requirements as it is carried out to address specific areas where high levels of deficiencies have been found by inspectors, or where new convention requirements have been entered into force.
  • Transport Canada adopted the international approach in 2012/13 for its first CIC pilot on Canadian flagged vessels. CIC reports are available online.
  • TCMSS lead all CICs, based on risk assessments, input from the TCMSS and/or feedback from the public.



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