Grade Crossings - Handbook

This document is meant to be used in conjunction with the Grade Crossings Regulations as well as the Grade Crossings Standards.

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This document is developed to provide guidance on the engineering best practices and requirements for safety at or around grade crossings and is to be used as a complement to the requirements found in the Grade Crossings Regulations (GCR), and the incorporated by reference Grade Crossings Standards (GCS) made pursuant to the Railway Safety Act (RSA). Every party responsible for a road or a railway line involving a grade crossing should consult the legal requirements of these instruments.

Minimum safety standards are set out for the construction, alteration, and maintenance of grade crossings, including the inspection and testing of grade crossing warning systems. They also include minimum safety standards for road approaches and other land adjoining the land on which the railway line is situated insofar as the safety of the grade crossings may be affected.

In addition to the GCR and GCS, the RSA provides for Engineering Standards relating to the construction or alteration of railway works, and such engineering standards may embrace both physical specifications and performance standards. If a proposed railway work does not align with an Engineering Standard, an application for approval of the proposed work may be filed with the Minister of Transport for Canada under section 10 of the RSA.

Any comments or suggestions regarding Engineering Standards or other grade crossings related requirements, should be addressed to the Rail Safety Directorate.

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