Client Identification Database (CID)

Before you register

Plan ahead

Before you register you will need to decide on a secure sign-in method, either GCKey or via an online banking partner. Learn more about your sign-in options.

You will also need to gather your organization's:

  • Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) business number, if applicable
  • legal and operating name
  • corporate address
  • the name, email, and phone number of the primary contact which could be the organization's owner, or of someone with permission to act on their behalf
  • the name, email, and phone number of a back-up (secondary) contact person
  • NAICS codes, if applicable North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code(s)

You will also need this information for each site you want to register:

  • the site's addresses (street address, legal land description, or latitude/longitude)
    • note: the platform uses address 1, address 2, address 3 to ensure each site is unique:
      • Address 1 is street address
      • Address 2 can be unit number or floor number
      • Address 3 can be used to differentiate various organizations that are engaged in TDG activities at same location (i.e. public health laboratory locations, airport terminals, etc.)
  • the TDG activities at the site
  • the modes of transportation at the site
  • the classes and divisions of the dangerous goods at the site

Roles and responsibilities

Primary contacts are responsible for overseeing and initializing the registration process, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and updating the information as necessary. They will act as the main point of contact between their organization and TC.

Secondary contacts are responsible for viewing the registered information and providing assistance in managing the registration process but do not possess the same level of editing privileges as the Primary contact.

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