Client Identification Database (CID)

Client Identification Database questionnaire

Use this questionnaire as a guideline to whether you should register for CID.

Do you or your organization take part in DG activities at sites that you own or operate in Canada (import, offer for transport, handle, or transport dangerous goods)?

You don’t need to register.

Does all your dangerous goods involved in DG activities at your sites fall under: *

  • existing exemptions found in Part 1 (Special Cases) of the TDG Regulations
    • except part 1.16 – 500 kg Gross Mass Exemption
  • Special Provisions listed in Schedule 2 of the TDG Regulations where the regulation is exempted except for Part 1 and 2

You don’t need to register.

Do you… *

  • sell all dangerous goods at retail to the public (including gas stations and delivery services), or
  • transport all dangerous goods as they move through Canada on their way to or from a place outside of Canada, or
  • transport dangerous good across the border, but don’t have headquarters or own/operate a site in Canada that is involved in DG activities, or
  • have only DG activities at a single or multi-well oil pads

You don’t need to register.

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