Client Identification Database (CID)

Annual renewal

Review and confirm your information

Once registered, you will need to update and confirm your registration every year. You will receive an email reminder to complete this task about 30 days before it's due.

To confirm your information hasn't changed:

  • organization data requirements are up to date
  • all existing sites, and optionally inactive sites, have been added
  • all existing sites data requirements are up to date
  • all sites that were active, and that are now inactive, have been deactivated
  • all sites that were inactive, and are now active, have been reactivated
  • all sites that were part of a sale or merger, have been actioned as sold or merged

Consult the TC CID Platform user guide for details, refer to annual renewal section.

Deadline to complete the annual renewal is 30 days of the company anniversary date.

Transport Canada CID Platform

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