List of Containers

Cylinders, Spheres and Tubes

Information on Cylinders, Spheres and Tubes (large and small containers) designed for compressed gas and intended to withstand an internal pressure greater than 275 kPa (absolute).

UN Cylinders, UN Tubes, UN cryogenic receptacles and MEGCs

Information on UN Cylinders, UN Tubes, UN Cryogenic Receptacles and MEGCs.

UN Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)

Information on UN standardized portable containers that are rigid or flexible with a capacity equal to or less than 3000 L, and are designed for mechanical handling and loading into and onto a means of transport.  Includes mobile IBCs (slip tanks).  Does not include bags, boxes, drums and jerricans.

Infectious Substances Containers

Information on Infectious substances containers designed for Class 6.2 dangerous goods, including Type 1A (UN Standardized), Type 1B and Type 1C containers.

Railway Tank Cars

Information on Railway vehicles, other than hopper cars, to which a tank, other than a fuel tank that is required for the purpose of supplying fuel for propulsion of the railway vehicle, is permanently attached.

UN Standardized Small Containers for Liquids or Solids

Information on UN standardized portable containers bags, boxes, combination containers, composite containers, drums and jerricans with a capacity of no more than 400 kg or 450 L.

Tank Trucks or Tank Trailers (highway tanks)

Information on Road vehicles consisting of a large container (tank) that is attached to or forms  part of a truck or trailer and is designed to be loaded and unloaded without being removed from the vehicle.

TC Portable tanks

Information for TC Portable tanks (TC 11, TC 44, TC, DOT or CTC 51 and 60) containers designed for mechanical handling and loading into and onto a means of transport.

UN Portable Tanks (including tank containers)

Information for UN Portable Tanks (including tank containers), designed primarily to be loaded onto a transport vehicle or ship. Highway tanks, railway tank cars, non-metallic tanks, gas cylinders and IBCs are not included in this definition.

Aerosol Containers and Gas Cartridges

Information on aerosol containers and gas cartridges for compressed gas. Aerosol containers and gas cartridges contain a gas under pressure and allow contents to be ejected as solid or liquid particles in suspension in a gas, as a foam, paste, or powder, or as a liquid or a gas.

Ton Containers

Information on Ton containers (tonners) (TC, DOT or CTC specification 110A and 106A) that are cylindrical in shape and have any openings located only at the container ends.