Domestic Vessel Regulatory Oversight

Transport Canada promotes safety for Canadian vessels and pleasure craft. We provide regulatory framework and services that ensure Canada's large fleet of vessels conforms to national and international standards. We also:

  • Develop regulations, policies, standards, procedures, and work instructions related to vessel design, construction, safety equipment and oversight.

  • Provide programs and services for safety, oversight, compliance and enforcement of Canadian vessels and manufacturers of vessels and safety equipment.

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Pleasure Craft

Pleasure craft are vessels used for pleasure and can carry non-paying guests.

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Non-Pleasure Vessels

Non-pleasure vessels are all vessels that are used for commercial activities, such as profit and/or service operations. They carry paying passengers. Some examples are sail training vessels, vessels used by Recreational Boating Schools, vessels used for charter fishing with a guide, commercial river rafting vessels and vessels operated by government organizations.

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