Registration Costs
For the registration or re-registration of a Certificate of Registry $250.00
For the transfer of ownership of a vessel $150.00
To issue a deletion certificate for a Registered Vessel $50.00
To issue a provisional certificate for a vessel $150.00
To temporarily record a vessel that is going to be built or is under construction in Canada $25.00
To extend the reservation of an approved name for a vessel by 12 months $125.00
To register and subsequently discharge a mortgage $150.00
Changes and Alterations
To change the name of a Registered Vessel $250.00
To replace a lost or destroyed Certificate of Registry $50.00
To change the port of registry of a Registered Vessel $150.00
To report changes or alterations to a registered vessel $100.00
Historical Research
For historical research of a non-active vessel $10.00
For historical research of an active vessel $5.00
For historical research completed by the registrar using the computer database, for each side of a two-sided printed page $2.00
For the issuance of a certified transcript $50.00
For the issuance of an uncertified transcript $20.00
Bare-Boat Chartered Vessels
For the issuance of a Certificate of Bareboat Registry, valid for 6 months $200.00
For the suspension of a Canadian Certificate of Registry, while it is listed in another country $100.00
For reinstatement of a Canadian Certificate of Registry $50.00