Submissions Received: Hazardous and Noxious Substances

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  • Canadian Marine Pilots’ Association PDF [672 KB] (22-Mar-14)
  • Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering PDF [305 KB] Word [261 KB] (26-Mar-14)
  • Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council) Word [25 KB] (27-Mar-14)
  • Chemistry Industry Association of Canada PDF [397 KB] Word [1,039 KB] (28-Mar-14)
  • City of Vancouver PDF [393 KB] (11-Apr-14)
  • Company of Master Mariners of Canada Word [48 KB] (28-Mar-14)


  • Government of British Columbia, Ministry of Environment
    • PDF [421 KB] (28-Mar-14)
    • PDF [71 KB] (28-Mar-14)
  • Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Word [39 KB] (28-Mar-14)
  • Government of Ontario, Ministries of Transportation, and Energy and Climate Change PDF [47 KB] Word [54 KB] (28-Mar-14)
  • Government of Québec, Department of Sustainable Development, Environment, and the Fight Against Climate Change
    • PDF [78 KB] (12-Aug-14)
    • PDF [89 KB] (12-Aug-14)


  • International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF)

    • PDF [316 KB] (04-Apr-14)
    • PDF [61 KB] (04-Apr-14)
  • Intertanko Word [18 KB] (14-Apr-14)
  • Irving Oil Ltd. PDF [106 KB] (24-Mar-14)
  • Island Trust PDF [55 KB] Word [110 KB] (28-Mar-14)


  • North Shore Emergency Management Office (City of North Vancouver) PDF [116 KB] (27-Mar-14)
  • North Vancouver District, Sustainable Community Development Department PDF [218 KB] (29-Mar-14)


  • Quebec Regional Advisory Council
    • PDF [520 KB] (19-Feb-14)
    • PDF [477 KB] (19-Feb-14)


  • Shipping Federation of Canada PDF [273 KB] (28-Mar-14)


  • Union of British Columbia Municipalities PDF [1,604 KB] (18-Mar-14)


  • Vancouver Coastal Health PDF [979 KB] (22-Apr-14)