Registering in the Canadian Register of Vessels: First-time registration

You’re required to register a vessel in the Canadian Register of Vessels if it:

  • is a commercial vessel with a gross tonnage of 15 or more and powered by motors totaling 7.5 kW (10 horsepower) or more
  • will have a marine mortgage
  • needs a reserved name
  • will travel outside of Canada

Find out if you need to license or register your vessel (and which register to choose)

Find out who can register a vessel in Canada

Register your vessel

Fee: $250

Make sure you complete and submit all the documents needed to support your application. If your application is incomplete, there will be delays.

Read registry form help for more details about how to fill out the application form.

  1. Complete and send in your forms, along with supporting documentation:
  2. Submit and pay

Reservation of vessel’s name

Fee: $250 (covers the registration)

When you apply to register your vessel, you reserve the name of your vessel. You can apply to reserve your vessel’s name early, while you wait for supporting documentation. If the name is available, we will reserve it for 12 months.  

If your vessel is not registered within that 12-month period, you can request to extend the reservation.

  1. Complete and send in:
  2. Submit and pay

Extend reservation of the vessel’s name

Fee: $125

You can extend the reservation of your vessel's name for an additional 12 months.

Provide the following to extend the reservation of the vessel name:

  1. A written request from the applicants must be sent to the Vessel Registration Office
  2. Submit and pay

How long it may take to process your request

View the Vessel Registry service standards