1.0 Introduction

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1. Recognizing that special risks of ice damage may exist in certain waters off the East Coast of Canada during winter and spring months and that these may affect safety and contribute to marine pollution; the following guidelines were developed and have been in effect since November 1979.

These Guidelines will be known as the "Joint Industry Government Guidelines for the Control of Oil Tankers and Bulk Chemical Carriers in Ice Control Zones of Eastern Canada" ( JIGs ).

These Guidelines are in no way to be construed as interpreting, adding to, or detracting from existing statutory or regulatory requirements.

2. This 2012 edition updates the guidelines and reorganizes them for ease of reference. Transport Canada, Marine Safety and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canadian Coast Guard have updated these Guidelines in consultation with marine stakeholders. In this edition, some new ice control zones have been created by sub-dividing existing zones to better reflect areas of similar ice conditions (see Appendix A). This edition came into effect for the 2012-2013 ice season and may be amended as deemed appropriate.

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