6.0 Vessel Reporting

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11. Ships in or approaching Eastern Canadian waters from sea must comply with Eastern Canada Vessel Traffic Services Zone Regulations and Vessel Traffic Services Zones Regulations, as appropriate.

Additional information may be requested by the regional Canadian Coast Guard Ice Operations Centre in respect to these Guidelines, including the name of the Ice Advisor.

12. While navigating in an active Ice Contro Zone, ships should report their position, ice conditions, speed and course to the appropriate regional Coast Guard Ice Operations Centre at 1200 UTC 1600 UTC, and 2000 UTC daily or at any other time(s) as requested or required. Ships that become beset and ships that request the assistance of an Icebreaker should report their status and position every four (4) hours until passage is resumed or icebreaker assistance arrives. Failure to transmit a status report wil automatically cancel a request for icebreaker assistance.

13. When a ship incurs damage or suffers a casualty, existing regulations require the master to report the incident or accident to ECAREG Canada, or to the local MCTS Centre as appropriate, at the earliest possible time. 1



1 Shipping Casualties Reporting Regulations (SOR/85-514). Return to reference 1



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