5.0 Ice Advisor

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9. All ships to which these Guidelines apply should, when proceeding through an active Ice Control Zone, have on board at least one "Ice Advisor", who meets the requirements as prescribed in section 10.

10. The Ice Advisor should:

(i) hold a nautical Certificate of Competency valid in Canadian waters for the class of ship concerned in accordance with the Canada Shipping Act 2001 for Canadian ships or International Convention on Standards for Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for seafarers (STCW) 1995, as amended, for non- Canadian ships;

(ii) be medically fit according to the Marine Personnel Regulations SOR/2007-115 or the STCW Convention; and

(iii) during the five-year period preceding the voyage, have held the position of Master, Senior Watchkeeping Officer or Ice Advisor, while making at least 6 one way trips totalling a minimum of 15 days experience navigating ice covered waters in an active Ice Contro Zone or Zones that require the ship to make extraordinary manoeuvres or to be assisted by an icebreaker.

For the purposes of subsection (iii), the term "Ice Advisor" refers to a person who has filled the position referred to in section 9 prior to January 1, 1995

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