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The Executive Director of Navigation Safety & Environmental Programs is responsible for this document, including any change, correction, or update.

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Naim Nazha
Executive Director, Navigation Safety and Environmental Programs
Marine Safety and Security

Original Date Issued : 2011-10-01
Date Revised : 2012-10-01, 2015-06-01

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Title : Joint Industry-Government Guidelines for the Control of Oil Tankers and Bulk
Chemical Carriers in Ice Control Zones of Eastern Canada.
TP No. 15163E

Catalogue No. : T29-98/2011E-PDF
Edition 1
RDIMS # 6954925
ISBN : 978-1-100-19285-7

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Navigation Safety  & Environmental Programs

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330 Sparks Street, 10th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N8

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 New address for Atlantique  region





 Ice operation centre information and typographical corrections.

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TP 15163E

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