11.0 Recommended References - Regulations - Publications

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Charts and Nautical Publications Regulations,(1995) SOR/95-149;

Navigation Safety Regulations SOR/2005-134

Eastern Canada Vessel Traffic Services Zone Regulations SOR/89-99

Vessel Traffic Service Zones Regulations SOR/89-98

VHF Radiotelephone Practices and Procedures Regulations SOR/81-364

Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships and for Dangerous Chemicals SOR/2007-86

Pollutant Discharge Reporting Regulations, SOR/95-351


Winter Navigation on the River and Gulf of St. Lawrence: Practical Notebook for Marine Engineers and Deck Officers, TP 14335E.

Guidelines for Navigation Under the Confederation Bridge, TP 13681 E.

MANICE, published by Environment Canada.

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