Hot Spots

A Hot Spot is a location on an aerodrome movement area with a history or potential risk of collision or runway incursion, and where heightened attention by pilots/drivers is necessary.

Once hot spots have been identified, suitable strategies should be implemented to remove
the hazard and, when this is not immediately possible, to manage and mitigate the risk. These strategies may include:

  1. awareness campaigns;
  2. additional visual aids (signs, markings and lighting);
  3. use of alternative routings;
  4. construction of new taxiways; and
  5. the mitigation of blind spots in the aerodrome control tower.
Site Ident Hot Spot Location Link to PDF
Calgary YYC Hot Spot Twy C, G and RWY28 Calgary Aerodrome Chart (PDF)
Charlottetown YYG Hot Spot Multiple Charlottetown Aerodrome Chart (PDF)
Fredricton YFC Hot Spot Multiple Fredericton Aerodrome Chart (PDF)
Gander YQX Hot Spot RWY at TWY A Gander Aerodrome Chart (PDF)
Halifax YHZ Hot Spot Multiple Halifax Aerodrome Chart (PDF)
Montreal YUL Hot Spot Multiple Montreal Aerodrome Chart (PDF) Montreal Taxi-Chart (PDF)
Saint John YSJ Hot Spot Threshold RWY 32 Saint John Aerodrome Chart (PDF)
St.John's YYT Hot Spot Intersection RWY 02/20 and RWY 16/34and TWY C St. John’s Aerodrome Chart (PDF)
Toronto YYZ Hot Spot Multiple Toronto Aerodrome Chart (PDF)
Toronto Taxi-Chart (Page 1)
Toronto Taxi-Chart (Page 2)
Vancouver YVR Hot Spot Multiple Vancouver Aerodrome Chart (PDF)
Vancouver Taxi Chart (PDF)
Winnipeg YWG Hot Spot Corner Taxiway G and B Winnipeg Aerodrome Chart (PDF)