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Closing date Topic Title Description
Road Updating Canada’s theft protection options for new vehicles

Transport Canada is seeking your feedback on our possible approach to reducing vehicle theft in Canada.

Closed Road Let’s talk: Improving how we enforce commercial vehicle safety

We want your views on adding new contraventions (violations) to the Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations.

Closed Aviation, Marine, Rail, Road Let’s Talk Supply Chains

Transport Canada understands that supply chain issues have wide-ranging impacts and would like to hear the views of all Canadians. We want to continue this important conversation and gather additional comments, questions, and feedback from the public.

Closed Road Allowing Product Identification Numbers for restricted-use vehicles

Transport Canada wants feedback on updating the regulations to allow restricted-use vehicles to use a PIN instead of a VIN.

Closed Road Updating regulations to modernize and strengthen motor vehicle safety for Canadians

Transport Canada wants feedback on updating regulations under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act to improve how we identify possible safety issues in vehicles and equipment, and to improve Canadians’ access to vehicle recall information.

Closed Road Updating the requirements for Technical Standards Document (TSD) 208 – Occupant Crash Protection

We are looking for your feedback on the changes Transport Canada is proposing.

Closed Road Updated requirements for Technical Standards Document (TSD) 108

Under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, Transport Canada regulates the safety performance of motor vehicles and equipment in Canada. The act requires that any company that imports or makes vehicles in one province and sells them in another province certifies that these new vehicles meet all applicable safety regulations and standards.

Transport Canada recently updated Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108. This change introduced new rules to allow advanced lighting technologies that will make it easier for drivers to see, without affecting the visibility of oncoming drivers.

Closed Road Updating the requirements for exemption labelling

Transport Canada wants your feedback on ways to improve exemption labelling

Closed Road Creating a new regulation for Administrative Monetary Penalties under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act

Transport Canada wants feedback on creating a new safety regulation under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (the Act) for administrative monetary penalties.

Closed Road Creating a standard for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Transport Canada wants feedback on updating the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations to include advanced driver assistance systems

Closed Road Should automatic emergency braking systems be required for new vehicles?

Transport Canada wants feedback on updating the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations to require automatic emergency braking and pedestrian automatic emergency braking on all new vehicles in Canada, in particular school buses and commercial trucks, but also passenger cars, multi-purpose passenger vehicles, and buses.

Closed Road Improving School Bus Safety in Canada

Transport Canada wants feedback on adding new technologies to the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations to improve school bus safety.

Closed Road Share and view ideas: Intercity Bus Services Task Force

The Federal Provincial and Territorial (FPT) Working Group on Intercity Bus was launched in January 2019 by the Council of Deputy Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety to explore innovative and long-term solutions to address the surface mobility needs of Canadians.

Closed Road Vulnerable Road Users and Heavy Vehicles Safety Measures

To address the issue of safety concerns, the Vulnerable Road Users Steering Committee consulted on the Summary Report about the interaction between pedestrian/cyclists and heavy vehicles.

Closed Road Minimum Noise Requirements for Hybrid and Electric vehicles

We conducted a preliminary consultation on amending the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations to address minimum noise requirements for hybrid and electric vehicles since their silence is dangerous to those they share the road with.

Closed Aviation, Marine, Rail, Road The Future of Transportation in Canada: Developing a Long-term Agenda for Transportation

We coordinated an engagement process to inform the development of a long-term agenda for transportation in Canada that presented opportunities and advances in technology.

Closed Road International Bridges and Tunnels Act Consultations

We asked the public to comment on the proposed Ambassador Bridge Enhancement Project. Approximately four hundred submissions were received, raising a number of issues and concerns.