6. Water-freeing Arrangements

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6.1 Any exposed deck fitted with gunwale or bulwark such that shipped water may be temporarily trapped behind them should be provided with an adequate number of freeing ports.

6.2 The total area of the freeing ports should be at least 10% of that part of the bulwark or gunwale area which extends for 2/3 of the ship's length amidships. A freeing port should be located in the lower third of the gunwale or bulwark height, as close to the deck as practical.

6.3 Freeing ports over 300 mm in depth should be fitted with bars spaced not more than 230 mm apart or other suitable protecting devices. If freeing ports are fitted with shutters, these should be hinged at the top to open outboard. The shutter hinges should have pins or bearings of non-corrosive material.

6.4 Structures and spaces above the weather deck considered to be non-weathertight should be provided with efficient drainage arrangements.

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