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In this Standard:

"Accommodation" includes any space below the weather deck, to which persons on board have access for purposes other than working the ship. This includes messing, sleeping and head spaces, galleys and food stores; it does not include sail or ship's gear lockers.

"Crew" a person other than a trainee or the Master engaged in the business of the ship.

"Existing sail training ship" means any sail training ship which is not a new sail training ship.

"Flame Retardant" when applied to a material means that the material will not burn for more than a specified period of time nor will the flame travel nor extend beyond a specified distance, as determined under certain test conditions at normal atmospheric pressure.

"Freeboard" means the distance in metres measured vertically downwards from the lowest point of the upper edge of the Weather Deck to the waterline in still water.

" L " or "Length" means the overall length in metres measured from the foreside of the foremost fixed permanent structure to the aftside of the aftermost fixed permanent structure of the ship.


Figure 1: Definition of Length (Overall)

"Length on the waterline" ( LWL ) means the horizontal distance between the forward-most and after-most points measured at the waterline corresponding to the deepest operational draught.

"New sail training ship" means any ship intended to be used as a sail training ship, the keel of which was laid or constructed or lay-up was started on or after the date of implementation of this standard, or an existing ship obtained and newly used as a sail training ship on or after that date.

"Sail Training Ship", means a sailing vessel which at the time is being operated exclusively for the purpose of providing instruction through a sail training program. Synonymous with the term "Sail Training Vessel".

"Sail Training Program" means a program undertaken aboard a sailing vessel for the sole purpose of character building and educational experiences through participation. This does not include sailing instruction with the sole purpose of increasing sailing proficiency.

"Trainee" means a person on board a sail training ship specifically for the purpose of participating in a sail training program, who is not a member of the crew. Such a person would not legally be considered a passenger.

"Watertight", in relation to a structure, means the structure is capable of preventing the passage of water through it in any direction, under a head of water up to 75 mm below the weather deck at any point.

"Weather Deck" means the main deck or fixed structure that covers the entire hull above the deepest operating waterline and is exposed to weather and sea.

"Weathertight", in relation to a structure, means the structure is capable of preventing the passage of sea water through it in ordinary sea conditions.

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