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Transport Canada is responsible for the Government of Canada's transportation policies and programs. The Department develops legislative and regulatory frameworks, and conducts transportation oversight through legislative, regulatory, surveillance and enforcement activities. While not directly responsible for all aspects or modes of transportation, the Department plays a leadership role to ensure that all parts of the transportation system across Canada work together effectively.

Oversight Program Description

Our role in safety and security.

The Safety and Security Group’s program lifecycle and policy suite

Key components of our policy and program lifecycle, and how it works together.

2019-2020 Integrated National Oversight Plan

The Integrated National Oversight Plan gives an overview of the plans and work environment for the oversight activities of Transport Canada’s Safety and Security programs.

2020-2021 Integrated Plan for Regulatory Framework and Oversight

The Integrated Plan for Regulatory Framework and Oversight provides an overview as well as operational context of Transport Canada’s Safety and Security branch’s two key areas: regulatory frameworks and oversight.

Oversight Program Description and Delivery (OPDD)

Descriptions of how each program oversees the transportation system, as well as the related source data from the Canadian Centre on Transportation Data (CCTD).

Program Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Canadian Centre on Transportation Data
Aviation Security OPDD OPDD CCTD
Civil Aviation OPDD OPDD CCTD
Marine Safety and Security OPDD OPDD CCTD
Motor Vehicle Safety OPDD OPDD CCTD
Surface and Intermodal Security OPDD OPDD CCTD
Transportation of Dangerous Goods OPDD OPDD CCTD
Previous OPDDs


Program Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Fiscal Year 2021-2022
Aviation Security OPDD OPDD OPDD
Civil Aviation OPDD OPDD OPDD
Marine Safety and Security OPDD OPDD OPDD
Motor Vehicle Safety OPDD OPDD OPDD
Surface and Intermodal Security OPDD OPDD OPDD
Transportation of Dangerous Goods OPDD OPDD OPDD



Transport Canada Advisory Committees

Transport Canada has established a number of committees that advise the department in various ways, as outlined in their terms of reference.

Responses to Transportation Safety Board Recommendations

We are required by law to respond to safety recommendations made by the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) after an accident or incident. These responses explain how we have addressed or will address safety deficiencies identified by the Board.

Memoranda of Understanding

Transport Canada has several Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with various organizations to conduct oversight activities such as inspections, surveillance and policy guidance.


Internal Audit Reports

Internal audit reports, management responses, action plans.

Transport Canada Consultations

Your opinion is important to us. Help us develop transportation related policies, programs and services for Canada.

Transport Canada Evaluation Reports

Covering a wide variety of transportation issues, our evaluation reports make recommendations intended to help the Government of Canada design and deliver programs and services that are accountable, focused on results, and meet the needs of Canadian citizens.

2018-2019 Departmental Results Report (including performance indicators)

This report assesses our performance against the plan and priorities outlined in the Departmental Plan. This includes key performance indicators for Safety and Security Programs which are located in the Results: what we achieved section.

Contact Safety and Security Programs at Transport Canada

Transport Canada is committed to excellence in our processes and practices. We strive for continuous improvement in dealing with our regulated parties and stakeholders. This section provides you a brief overview of how Transport Canada Safety and Security programs handle public questions, comments and complaints.


Our approaches to promote compliance to safety and security requirements.

Inspectors’ Manuals

Transport Canada officers use manuals and instructions to conduct inspections of the transportation system.

Education and Outreach

How we communicate safety and security information to Canadians (the public, the transportation industries, researchers).

Industry Guidance

We guide transportation industries on how to follow safe and secure practices and meet our requirements.

Delegated Officers and Organizations

Official organizations who are designated by Transport Canada to conduct inspections and issue licenses or certificates to transportation industries or personnel.

Motor Vehicle Compliance Reports

Each year, Transport Canada selects vehicles to test for specific Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS). The tests verify that manufacturers are meetings the requirements under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

Safety Management System

A safety management system (SMS) is a documented framework for integrating safety into day-to-day company operations. A safety management system generally includes several elements such as a safety policy, safety targets, a risk assessment process and monitoring procedures.

Previous SMS Summary

Inspection Summary Reports

Transport Canada’s Safety and Security Programs use inspections to verify that companies are complying with legislation, rules and regulations.

Previous Inspection Summary Reports


Departmental Enforcement Standards are issued by the Centre of Enforcement Expertise. The Standards are intended to ensure consistency in how Transport Canada enforces the legislation and regulations for which it is responsible. Measures we take to bring transportation industries back into compliance with our safety and security requirements:

Transport Canada’s Enforcement Policy

This document provides the public an overview of the overarching Transport Canada enforcement policy used when an enforcement response is required.

Centre of Enforcement Expertise Desk Book

A source for enforcement standards, guidelines and best practices to ensure consistency in how Transport Canada’s enforcement is understood and applied.

Types of Enforcement Actions and Immediate Risk Reduction Measures

How we respond to non-compliance to our requirements and address immediate threats or risks to the safety or security of the transportation system.

Statutory Enforcement Actions

When Transport Canada determines, through a risk assessment, that there could be an immediate threat to the safety or security of the transportation system, they take these actions to mitigate the situation.

Administrative Monetary Penalties

Monetary penalties issued to industries that do not comply with safety and security legislative and regulatory requirements.

Research and Innovation

Information on research and science that contribute to transportation safety and security.

Innovation Centre

A research, development and deployment organization that supports technology to ensure Canadians can benefit from a safe, secure, and clean transportation system.

Transport Canada Research and Program Funding

Transport Canada programs support our commitment to a safe and secure transportation system that's environmentally responsible and innovative.

Motor Vehicle Safety Research Documents

Research, safety tests and best practices regarding motor vehicle safety.

Automated and Connected Vehicles Gateway

A network of partners within and outside government interested in discussing automated/connected vehicles to make a productive space to create awareness, encourage cooperation and support collective action within a secure environment.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Leadership Structure

Transport Canada committees making decisions impacting safety and security Programs.

Leadership Structure at Transport Canada and Safety and Security Group

How recommendations and decisions flow through senior management committees.

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